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A leading online mystic and spiritual healer,
Sonja Grace offers a variety of phone sessions and remote viewing.


There are 2 ways you can book a Spiritual Session and Remote Viewing with Sonja Grace:

Option #1: Book Online *Recommended

2 Easy Steps to Book Your Spiritual Session and Remote Viewing :

Option #2: Scroll Down and Add to Cart

3 Easy Steps to Order Your Spiritual Session and Remote Viewing :

  • Step 1. Scroll down and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ Button on the Session you would like
  • Step 2. Follow the Paypal Payment process
  • Step 3. Once Payment is processed, email Sonja here or call the office at 503.746.6525 to schedule your appointment


All phone sessions are confidential and private.

Sonja Grace is trusted around the world. View the locations where her clients live and contact her by phone, Skype, Facebook and email for sessions!

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Please note that Sonja Grace is booked out 6-8 weeks in advance. If you are in need of an emergency, 20 minute appointment for an urgent matter, purchase an emergency appointment below.

Available Sessions

To address an emergency without an appointment:

This is for the people who need to talk to Sonja right away. Sonja is usually able to fit you into the schedule within 72 hours. This emergency fee is for 20 minutes. This appointment must be scheduled through the office at 503-746-6525, once purchased.

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A personal sixty minute phone session:

This is the ideal amount of time to cover all bases. For example: questions about health including a medical scan, relationships, jobs, business… communicating with loved ones in the spirit realm, getting your physical body and auric field cleared… there is enough time to cover several topics in an hour!
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A personal forty minute phone session:

This is a popular session as it gives enough time to ask questions, cover some issues and look into health needs as well.
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A personal fifteen minute phone session:

This is enough time to discuss an issue and gain some insights.
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Long Distance Clearing and Healing

Email a photo of yourself and any health concerns you might have. Sonja works within the four essential bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She will also send you a full report once she is done via email. The health and maintenance of the auric field and energy body, including the chakras is as important as the care to our physical body.

Only one person or pet per session.

This session does not include a phone conversation with Sonja, but she will email you when she is done and share her results.
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Past Life Session: (60 minute session)

This hour is packed with information starting with your most recent life going back in time as Sonja traces the path of your soul. Where you have been and who you were in each lifetime reveals patterning that applies to your life today. Sonja’s ability to clear the karma on past events that keep us from moving forward is the key to realigning the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Shift your energy to the present and finding peace with the past.
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Animal Totem (40 minute phone session)

Discover your own personal animal totem traveling through the seven chakras, uncovering the key helpers in your world! Gain access to the inner part of your totem and communicate with each energy center giving you tools for life!
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To Pay Another Amount for Service(s) and/or Item(s):

Any cancellations have to be submitted at least 2 days in advance in order to reschedule.

*Canceled appointments that are not rescheduled, are subject to a $10.00 return fee, due to the cost of PayPal transactions.

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