Energy Healing

“Over two years ago we discovered that our then almost 2 year old son was having some difficulties. Although highly intelligent, he was hypersensitive to sound and late to crawl and walk. When in social settings, he seemed anxious and had some quirky behaviors. It was like he was trying to process all sensory input at once but couldn’t filter and focus. After seeking help, it’s believed that the issues were related to Sensory Defensiveness/Sensory Integration and possible Dyspraxia. His auditory, visual and vestibular systems weren’t working together therefore causing sensory processing issues. After nearly two years of consistent therapies, he made amazing progress however my gut told me that we were still missing something…


During this entire experience, I felt a strong sense that I was being guided…I always seemed to “coincidentally” stumble across new information that would lead me to the next step. It was no different with finding Sonja Grace. Upon “coincidentally” noticing her name, I clicked on her website and after reading, I knew that I had been guided to the right person. Even though it felt right, I had never worked with anyone like her before so I was of course nervous, cautious and didn’t know what to expect. When I called to schedule the appointment, I knew within the first minute that she was the real deal. Following our phone session, I was stunned to see that my son was making such rapid progress. Through her energy healing work, it’s like she was able to tie everything together and then set him free. He’s now so much more connected and grounded. His communication skills have absolutely skyrocketed. He’s voluntarily and more evenly using both sides of his body. There’s no doubt in my mind now that his auditory, visual and vestibular systems are working together.  Things just keep getting better and better! Two years ago, knowing what I know today, working with Sonja Grace would’ve been my very first step! I feel so blessed to have found her and we are forever grateful for her and her gifts!”



Thankful Pacific Northwest Family

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