This workshop is all about the Experience.

Feeling your feelings, processing unwanted emotional wounds and moving energy through your body is just the beginning. Through meditation, movement and sounding we will reconnect with our feeling center and move blocks and resistance from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies at the same time connecting to energies with the Earth. The Beginning is the Experience and transformation is the key to the Divine. This one day workshop is focused on subtle movement and learning where you stop the energy from grounding. Core belief systems and breath work will be the vehicle that brings us to a deep cellular transformation.

This one day workshop is being held in Portland and Joshua Tree Retreat.  If you want to experience this level of transformation in your town please contact the office at 503.746.6525

Joshua Tree Retreat, California

March 1, 2014


*The cost of all meditation retreats are non refundable and can be applied to the cost of other retreats within one year from the original purchase date. The cost of one retreat does not substitute for other retreats but can be applied.
The non refundable meditation retreat funds can also be applied to readings within a year from purchase date according to cost and calendar availability.