Oahu Meditation Retreat

Turtle Bay Resort

Hawaii Meditation Retreat with Sonja GraceThe Hawaiian Meditation Retreat with Sonja Grace will take you deep into your soul and ground your energy into the heart of the Earth, experiencing higher frequencies that transform your consciousness. Mystic Healer Sonja Grace will guide the three day meditation deep into the Earth working with the elements and sacred heart. She will help each person connect with the Earth’s energy working with the elements and experiencing the Divine. This retreat is perfect for couples and individuals who are seeking a stress relieving weekend that has spiritual purpose and is life changing. Author of Earth Ways Healing Medicine for the Soul, Sonja Grace will take you on a journey that helps you to heal the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. Transcend your mind, body and soul and reconnect with the heart of the Goddess. Ceremony, meditation, healing, cellular yoga, ocean prayers and more. Find yourself again with three days of joy, laughter and spiritual awakening!

Get the for the Hawaiian Meditation Retreat in May and connect with the Heart of the Earth!

Stay Tuned for Future Hawaiian Retreats!

*The cost of all meditation retreats are non refundable and can be applied to the cost of other retreats within one year from the original purchase date. The cost of one retreat does not substitute for other retreats but can be applied.
The non refundable meditation retreat funds can also be applied to readings within a year from purchase date according to cost and calendar availability.




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