Lumeria SANCTUARY main roomWhen: Oct 8-11, 2015
Where: Lumeria Maui

This retreat offers an incredible experience of aligning the four essential bodies through meditation. Sonja Grace, Lumeria Maui author of Become an Earth Angel, teaches the true meaning of our energy, how to connect, where it goes, how we misuse it and how to ground. Experience cellular yoga, connect with the heart of the Earth and align the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Lumeria Roombodies. Sonja’s signature grounding meditation takes you deep into the Earth and connects with Source, allowing for the mind to be still and uncover the peace that is deep within the soul body. Higher frequency healings, processing, ceremony and the angelic universe are all a part of this this magical weekend in Maui!

Fusion of the Four Essential Bodies: Meditation Retreat at Lumeria Maui begins

Thursday October 8
4:00 Opening Ceremony
5:00 Meditation: Physical Body
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Evening Meditation

Friday October 9Fusion of the Four Essential Bodies: Meditation Retreat at Lumeria Maui April 24-27, 2015
8:00 Cellular Yoga
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Meditation: Mental Body
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Meditation at the Beach
5:00 Break
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Evening Meditation: Emotional Body

Saturday  October 10
8:00 Cellular Yoga
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Meditation: Spiritual Body
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Meditation
4:00 Water Ceremony
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Evening Meditation: Fusion of the Four Essential Bodies

Sunday October 11
6:00 Cellular Yoga
7:00 Meditation
8:00 Closing Ceremony
9:00 Breakfast (optional)
10:00 Check Out
Closing circle and ceremony Sunday morning departure: (Sunday breakfast not included in the price of the retreat)

Read testimonials and view images from the 2014 Hawaiian Retreat

Retreat is sold out!

Summer Special!Lumeria view with garden

Do you want a room all to yourself? Single occupancy, meals and Meditation Retreat:

Share a room with a friend or partner and each of you will get this great rate! Double occupancy, meals and Meditation Retreat:
$1,496.00 each

Retreat is sold out!

Sorry there are no refunds! The retreat price does NOT include airfare.

Payment plans are available just call the office 503.746.6525

Contact me if you are a local resident of Maui and want to attend the retreat.

Meals: Thursday, Oct 8, dinner, Friday Oct 9, breakfast, lunch, dinner, Saturday, Oct 10 breakfast, lunch, dinner.

There are a limited amount of rooms available.
This retreat is drug and alcohol free. You must be 19 or older to attend.

Testimonials from the 2014 Hawaiian Retreat

Sonja on the beach“The workshop I attended with Sonja Grace was truly transformational and not like anything I have ever experienced before. She is the real deal!!!! I had so many experiences that opened up my mind and truly healed me on both a physical and spiritual level. I cannot recommend connecting with Sonja enough! I am hooked and won’t ever miss a chance to attend her workshop in Hawaii; it is not to be missed!!!!”
Gitte G.

“I usually consider the act of creating as my form of meditation, but lately, life has given me too many outside forces to deal with. This workshop, with Sonja’s encouragement and guidance, has given me the tools to focus again on what’s inside, and truly important to me.”
Steve P.Sonja giving a hug

“Sonja led me into deep levels of meditation where I was able to process deep childhood woundings and come to some resolution of them.  She is a gifted healer on so many levels.  I was also very touched by the various ceremonies and the outdoor meditation.  It was a balm for my soul.”
Mary A.

“I attended Sonja Grace’s meditation retreat.  I have taken classes and trainings with many well-known teachers and guides. Being with Sonja was a completely different experience. She is the ‘real deal’. Her ego was not leading the retreat weekend, but her skills, wisdom attendees sitting on the beachand intuition helped guide me personally to exactly what I needed.  Sonja created a very safe and loving space, even for a group of people that had just met.  I felt physical healing taking place while she was working on me from a distance.  And then for days afterwards I felt healing of my spirit and mind.  I felt Guided. I felt heard. I felt safe. I felt inspired. I felt AT PEACE. And the best part of all is that here I am weeks later and I am still practicing what I learned.”
Emily K.

“Someone asked me if we had to be silent the whole time, no!  There was not a dull moment during this retreat. Meditating with Sonja is not like any other meditation that I have done before, it’s a total trip!  Sonja guides you on a journey of transformation and deep inner healing and she describes for you the world of the unseen as you travel.  We were buzzing all weekend as she raised the vibrations and helped us to connect to our souls.  She gave us tools for aura expansion, conflict resolution, healing karmic wounds with the inner child, and a pathway to inner peace.  Sonja offered physical and emotional healing on the spot as people with aches and pains in their bodies walked away lighter and with a noticeable glow.”yoga on the lawn
Lesley O.

“I believe it is up to each individual on the planet to understand and follow their own individual path of self-discovery, awakening and evolution.   I am so glad I made the decision to attend the May 2014 Meditation and Healing Retreat with Sonja Grace in Oahu, Hawaii.  During the workshop she delved into a huge number of helpful things for me.  She instantly healed an issue I had with my big toes where my tendons had shrunk slightly due to wearing heavy boots and working on a ranch.  She asked if anyone had anything they wanted healed and I mentioned my Sonja on the beachtoes hurt.  Then a few minutes later my toes were completely fine!  No lie!  Unbelievable!  And it was nothing I did, I was already trying to stretch them and massage them but that was not working and that was not what fixed them.  She did it instantly, and they still feel great.”
Chris M.

“Thank you for a wonderful Hawaiian Meditation Retreat on Oahu.  I enjoyed the lessons and techniques of your guided meditations.  I was able to unearth a life time of emotions and experience freedom from the burden of ‘stuffing them’.  I feel you graciously paved the way for an easy entry into the fifth dimension.”
Ryan R.

Take advantage of the Spring Special and attend the 2015 Fusion of the Four Essential Bodies: Meditation Retreat with Sonja Grace!

United Kingdom sacred site tour and Meditation Retreat with Sonja Grace June 1 – 13, 2015.
Contact Sonja if you are interested.