2016 Earth Angel Training Course

Angel Painting

Course Level 1

Welcome to the Earth Angel Training Course Registration. All training courses will include morning cellular yoga, meditation and processing. Earth Angel Sonja Grace brings 33 years of experience to aspiring Earth Angels and guides with care and integrity. If you are looking for guidance, clarity and stability these retreats are for you. Whether you are working a job, a stay at home mom or light worker this course work will help you build a foundation of understanding, compassion and trust.

The Emotional Body, Portland

Portland Oregon January 8-10, 2016

Sonja HuggingFriday 4-7 pm

Saturday 9-5

Sunday 9-1

This three day Earth Angel level 1 training course is the beginning of understanding our emotional experiences, where they come from and why. Gain insight to your own process and create the ability to observe, releasing the need to react.

Anger, Joy, Sadness and Bliss are some of the emotions we Experience throughout our lives.

Uncover the truth of each emotion.

Discover how each feeling is linked to Karma and the collective.

Learn how these vibrations weave your Karmic experience.

Trust your inner process with tools, mediation and guidance from Earth Angel Sonja Grace.

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The Physical Body, Oahu

Oahu, Hawaii March 6-9, 2016


The physical body holds everything we experience in life. This four day training is focused on learning how to identify the resistance and release it. Our bodies are a conduit for Earth energy and the Divine.

Learn how your body works at its best through energetic structural alignment.

Feel how your body is supported as we chart the entire four day process.

A daily meditation practice will allow for processing the blocks that create chronic pain and illness.

Uncover where you hold resistance in your body.

Discover your rhythm and enlighten your physical body through pranic breathing, releasing tension, pain and weight.

Experience physical freedom.

Earth Angel Training 2016, Oahu, HI
Earth Angel Training 2016, Oahu, HI


Testimonial from 2016 Oahu Retreat:

“The retreat was beautiful. Deep, insightful, healing, and inspiring. I always think of my time with Sonja as layers being peeled back. And it can be uncomfortable at times, but oh so good and rewarding if I let go and t r u s t. I appreciate that in all of my time with Sonja, I have never felt any judgement. I also appreciate that I don’t feel any “right or wrong” when she has us share our reflections. So my experience this time was deep. And blurry. I reflect on the past 4 days and it seems like it was years ago. Or in a different lifetime?…. I know we went through our physical body and did a lot of healing work. I am so grateful for Sonja and her love and guidance. I feel like she could have given me some “answers” at times…. but she knows that if she would have given them to me, it would have gotten me to the destination without the journey. And as you and I know, the journey is the p o i n t. It’s the peace, truth, love and meaning that we seek.
I am so grateful. I love you!”
– Emily K.

“I could never have imagined finding peace within myself. The place of absolute acceptance, respect, value and love for who I am. An inner peace saying YES! I belong—here, on this earth, at this time, in this body!
The four days spent in meditation and self discovery was extraordinary. I felt so connected to the process as your graceful guidance and teaching style is like being held in the arms of Gods unconditional love. A complete cleansing of body, mind and spirit I am forever grateful to you for taking me to a deeper knowledge and understanding of truly healing emotionally and physically.
My re-entry back into my chaotic world has been a profound experience. Everything around me seems new; familiar yet different;  Calm and confident; conflict has no power; Worry-non-existent. At first I thought it was just lingering Hawaiian air but as time distances me from the retreat I realize that its the place you helped me discover within myself-unadulterated peace!
Thank you Sonja for all the beautiful work you do to help people like me find what they’ve spent their lives searching for. You are a blessing to us all. Love you”
– Danielle R.

“The time with your workshops have made a vastly different way for me to look at things and have made huge strides in my feelings of self-doubt and guilt.  I see the world differently and will continue to take days one at a time and live in the moment.  I am so thankful to be able to share myself in an open and loving place.  Thank you for your love and hard work.”
– Teresa S.

“To really know and feel peace is a struggle and a journey that we all share. Three years ago at a meditation retreat with Sonja Grace I found the ground from which I could stand on again. I didn’t know if there would ever be a bottom to the pain and grief I was experiencing. I was all alone and knew only that I had to keep going. Sonja gave me the tools to keep living and keep giving. The work is hard, but the results are immeasurable. And I am so grateful for the joy and light that I know I am responsible for creating because of this magnificent woman.”
– G.G.

“I took park in a mediation retreat with Sonja Grace. It was the most eye opening experience I have ever had. I traveled deep into my soul. I healed. I listened. I moved thru time and space. It was hard work but the reward will impact me for the rest of my life. I was lucky to even have some friends there for the journey and made new friends, most importantly I made friends with my inner child and met my higher self. If you need to reconnect with your spirit I urge you to take part in a journey with Sonja.”
– K. Sea

The Spiritual Body, Newbold House, Scotland

Newbold House, Scotland May 11-15, 2016


This 5 day intensive is about releasing all resistance and attachment to who you are and discovering what it feels like to sit in deep meditation and feel inner peace.

Experience the soul body as Earth Angel Sonja Grace guides you to your original consciousness.

Learn how to ground your energy with Sonja’s signature grounding meditation.

Uncover your soul’s purpose and receive the miraculous healing the earth holds.

Connect with the Angels, Guides and Devic kingdom.

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The Mental Body, Joshua Tree Retreat, California

Joshua Tree Retreat, California October 6-9, 2016


This four day retreat takes you on an incredible journey through the mental body.

Learn how to quiet the mind and create a link to the heart. Earth Angel Sonja Grace teaches her signature grounding meditation helping students to adjust their frequency to the fifth dimension.

Discover your mental patterns and chart how to identify and release these reoccurring wounds.

Free your mind from the inner critic.

Uncover your relationship to your ego and find a healthy balance.

Pave the way for a new beginning and Experience clarity of mind and inner peace.

*NO More Signups Past September 30, 2016

This four day retreat includes all meals, 3 nights in double occupancy rooms. Roommates will be assigned (same sex) unless other arrangements are made through the office of Sonja Grace.

Payments are nonrefundable, but can be applied to phone sessions with Sonja


Earth Angel Training begins 2016!

Course work will be recorded by attendees with an art journal. Words can be a part of the note taking but drawing your experience, what you feel is required. You do not have to be an artist, stick figures allowed!

Sonja will teach cellular yoga at the start of each day for each retreat.

Sign up for all four courses for 2016 (Portland, Oahu, Scotland and Joshua Tree) and get 10% off tuition.

There will be level 1 certificate for each training course.

Take all 16 courses, 4 levels to earn your Earth Angel Certificate

All level one course work is required to have the book Become an Earth Angel for reference.


Earth Angel Training Course Policy

There are No Refunds! If you have to cancel you can apply funds towards sessions with Sonja Grace.

There is no alcohol or drug use at any Sonja Grace events.

Sonja Grace does not share contact information of her students and requires that everyone respect each other’s privacy.

Payment for course work is due within the dates required on the website.

Dress code for the Earth Angel training courses is casual, comfortable and respectful.

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