December 20-22, 2020

Uluru, Australia at Voyages Ayers Rock Resort


Aliens – Demi-Gods – Humans

The Cosmic Connection

Cosmic Consciousness ConferenceAward winning author and mystic healer Sonja Grace shares her in-depth understanding of the relationship between humans, aliens and demi-gods.  In this workshop, she explains how the frequency of the fifth dimension has created portals all over the world and how they connect to other dimensions.  She will talk about her encounters with demi-gods and how the Norse Gods instructed her to create ‘Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle’. Hear Sonja share her knowledge of different alien life forms that continue to arrive on Earth and how to protect yourself from unwanted encounters. Sonja takes us on an experiential journey where we will learn how our perception of reality has always been measured through dualism.  She will guide her students through her signature grounding meditation and shift the energy into higher frequencies.  Sonja will help you uncover and release energy blocks and recognize where you are creating a mixed signal that hinders your ability to manifest.  Unplug the resistance that often binds the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies. Feel freedom from shifting your perception and learn to trust the inner navigational system.  This process will allow you to perceive outside of dualism and gain access to your inner guidance deep within the soul body. Understanding the influences of the unseen world allows for greater freedom. This powerful workshop will provide the tools necessary to manage your energy in the fifth dimension.


  • Learn what the connection is between aliens, humans and demi-gods
  • Experience Sonja’s signature grounding meditation and higher frequencies
  • Uncover and release energy blocks
  • Unplug the resistance held in your physical body
  • Connect with your inner navigational system
  • Understand the influence of the unseen world
  • Better manage your energy in the fifth dimension


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