The Evolution of Man

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The evolution of man has been unfolding for centuries under patriarchal rule.  The effects this has had on our planet Earth in development of land, natural resources, economics, and power are perceived as both good and bad.  A study of the history of humanity here on Earth shows us clearly that there was a time in which the planet was ruled by a matriarchy.  For centuries people worshipped a matriarchal Goddess, and the Earth herself was honored.    As planet Earth cycles and changes, so does the energy that prevails amongst those who inhabit her surface.  This era came to an end in a way that informs what we see today with regard the imminent demise of patriarchal society.


It is important to understand the differences in a patriarchal versus matriarchal society. The main key to understanding this male energy is; it is a part of what I refer to as ‘the duality.’  This duality is not complicated: it represents both sides of our experience, good and bad; light and dark; hot and cold; happy and sad.  Simply put, male and female aspects exist within each person. Feminine principles of sensitivity, intuition and gathering information are in each of us.  Similarly, male principles, like solution oriented processes, and action process—the part of us that disseminates information out into the world to do something with it.   We, together with and as part of the entire Universe, live within a state of duality.  We are in constant motion, trying to find balance in everything we do internally and externally.


Men are currently going through a tremendous upheaval within themselves.  This is getting expressed in all aspects of life.  Some experience a discomfort within their jobs; others in marriage; all experience tremendous lifestyle changes. The one aspect that is most challenging for men today, comes from a remnant of their neuro-biology—that of fulfilling their role as the warrior.


The big shift we all feel today, associated with the planet as she moves through space amid solar storm and earthquake, is also being felt within the patriarchic world.  Men’s hearts tend to be activated like dormant volcanoes, suddenly awakened with steam and plumes of smoke.  Like molten lava spewing into the air, men feel most vulnerable and anxious with current energy.


Old behaviors, greed and power no longer satisfy rumbling in the heart.  Men are being called to step up to a greater state of balance. Women are the ones who hold the weave of the world together and are called at this time to help mankind.


We have been here before — within each man and woman is a cellular and spiritual memory of past lives.  Women connect to these memories as we shift; and men literally experience the shift.  Men are being pushed energetically to give up the power stance they held in the fourth world. They are asked to stand in balance with feminine energy to enter the fifth dimension. There is no one side that will lead. Rather we enter this new world with balance and a state of peace within our own inner duality.