The Earth

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When we choose to experience nature, we usually feel something: the power of the ocean, the warmth of the sun, the breeze that moves through our hair.  There is so much energy in all living things here on Earth.  The very rocks we like to pick up and take home are super charged with the water they came tumbling in on.  The trees and plants all have specific energy that has been over looked for many generations now.  Their medicine is strong and can bring healing as well as cause symptoms we once understood in the past.  Getting back to nature is not a matter of hiking and going to the beach.  Getting back to the Earth is listening for the heart beat that moves through all of life and pulses through our veins.  Watching the bird that crossed your path with an understanding there is a message in this encounter.  Most of us work hard and spend time on our phones communicating through a text, email or a social network.  We might find an Earth ap that keenly displays the weather but it is still void of the real experience.


As we move towards the fifth dimension our telepathic abilities increase along with overall sensitivity.   Making a quantum leap into this new vibration will include reconnecting with the Earth in ways that were once familiar to us.  When we had no technology and we lived off the land we understood her rhythms. We followed the seasons with ritual that lead us to deeper understanding of all of the Earth’s gifts.


As I sat by the river in the shade of a cedar, my guides moved me into the fifth dimension with specific instructions to guide humanity to this new era of indigo energy.  The ground seems softer and the river spoke louder as I navigated through uncharted waters.  The most complex system unfolded and I was acutely aware of being grounded and connected with Divine Love.  The Universe is filled with many energies and a multi-dimensional arena that we have barely begun to understand.   This fifth dimension is a state of higher consciousness that has no attachments to the fourth world and all of the entrapments the ego invests in.  This awareness brings to light that investing in the illusion will no longer be possible and our true path is spiritual in nature.


The shift into the fifth dimension may not be easy for some as the homework we have had for lifetimes has not been accomplished.  Our spiritual work has been compromised through belief systems that ultimately led us away from the very source of life we depend on: the Earth.