The Bottom Line

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For hundreds of years women were accused of being heretics and witches resulting in their demise. Tied up, drown, burned and hung, thousands of women died around the globe for being sensitive, different, unwilling to obey their husband, a protestant, accused of adultery and more. This witch hunt left women living in a male dominate society both vulnerable and targets for accusations. Over time this cycle shifted, and women found their voice. From the liberation of the corset to burning the bra, they found their power.

Since then we have moved into the fifth dimension. This higher frequency is related to the fifth chakra. This powerful energy that demands all life on earth raise their frequency is lending voice to a new truth. The injustice of centuries past has come knocking on the door. Women have come forward with their stories of rape, being touched inappropriately and fear of revealing their pain. Men with power, status and fame are falling like dominos. As we are all wondering how many more will fall, the real issue is karma.

When we reincarnate we often switch gender; if you are male this life time you might have been female in your last. Or in some cases people are the same gender for many lifetimes. It can be difficult if you have five lifetimes as a woman and are born in this life as a man. Same in reverse, it can be confusing to say the least. All of us on earth have switched genders many times.

Some sources report millions of women were murdered for being heretics. Those women and the priest and men who accused them are all living lives as men and women in this lifetime. In any cycle we must pay attention to the emotional component. This feeling is a vibration that is being repeated.

Karma is nothing more than unresolved emotional wounds from past lives. Imagine you had a lifetime in Scotland and you were accused of being a heretic. They tied your thumbs to your big toes together and you were dumped in the moat around Edinburgh Castle. There wasn’t a therapist sitting by the edge of the moat asking you if you would like to process this before you drown! This is the karma you brought with you: Pain, fear, betrayal, abandonment, shock, horror, resentment and shame.

With multiple lives we tend to act out both parts. We are the victim in one life and the perpetrator in the next. We have someone executed and we are the executed in the next life.
The men who are being brought to truth are participants in this cycle. The women who are accusing them are also a part of this great karmic pattern. The collective karma is watching, shuttering, remembering their own #metoo story, hiding from indiscretions and unresolved shame that makes everyone question what is the line and how far will it go.

My guides have indicated we are nowhere near being done. The truth will be revealed for it is like a freight train moving at high speed. Layers and layers of truth will find the light as they are important for our growth and the healing of our karmic past. May we find compassion having been through lifetimes as both male and female, victim and perpetrator. May we evolve into a state of balance and peace.

For over thirty years, award winning author and Mystic Healer, Sonja Grace has been offering her international clientele, immediate stability, clarity, and guidance. Sonja is an energy surgeon who works with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. She helps clients process emotional wounds, clear karma and gain inner peace. Her new book ‘Spirit Traveler’ Findhorn Press is now available at