The Balance of the Universe

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Earth Ways Update:  When you are embracing the concept we are all one it is important that you not exclude the different aspects of the human experience within the duality.  We are all one in relationship to the Divine in that we come from and are a part of the Source.  We have original consciousness in the soul body that gets more challenging to connect with due to our experience in the physical body combined with karma.  The karmic  experience can be overwhelming and literally take over one’s consciousness during a lifetime for the desire to heal is always the point of balance. Our karmic pasts define who we are and the finer details of what we are trying to heal and clear in this lifetime.  Everyone has different karma or past life experiences they are working out.  As the collective we share karmic threads that define larger events in history.

The Universe orchestrates, produces, directs and choreographs everything so that a point of balance is reached.  If we humans get out of balance as we are right now the Universe works to brings each and every thread back into balance.  When humans polarize with the duality going into the experience with their ENERGY,  more karma is created.  If enough people dive their energy into hating someone or wanting something that is in their opinion good for the group;  an imbalance gets created and we find the energy struggling on the opposite side trying to bring balance back.  This is seen in so many aspects of life. Through politics, religion, cultural beliefs we often experience this polarization across the globe.  Humanity is out of balance and so is the planet.  This new energy we are all experiencing on varying degrees of intensity is shifting our consciousness and the Earth’s consciousness as well.

We no longer have the luxury of time to do the work and be attuned for this change.  It is happening now as I write this and any difficulty you might be having with your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual bodies is due to the incoming vibrational  shifts.  The Earth receiving this energy is a part of the bigger picture that is creating balance in the fifth dimension.  It can be an unstable feeling for those who dwell upon her.  Find your peace and create balance in all that you do.   If you feel yourself having strong feelings about something check to see if you are investing your energy… then ground yourself and OBSERVE that issue  and see if it doesn’t shift a bit.  We can care, love, celebrate, cry despair and mourn many things on Earth but the more we keep investing our ENERGY into these passing experiences that will be obsolete in the next moment, day or year the more we create personal and collective karma.  Your homework on Earth is to feel your feelings!  Then let them go!  Release the past and forgive.  It is never going to be that again,  so let it go.  You will free yourself and help to free humanity.  Loving everyone around the World; Sonja Grace