Sonja Grace Spirit Traveler

Sonja Grace Spirit Traveler is making her way around the world to visit Earth energy sites, people and their cultures.

Rediscover the history that has been lost through time as the documentary series begins.

Earth Ways Mission Statement:

As a warrior of the light
My greatest path is to surrender to my own resistance.

Do not succumb to your fear for it is fear itself that manifests before our eyes…

Carry the sword of light and make claim to nothing in this world as we are but mere visitors creating higher energy in physical form.

Honor the Goddess for it is her life the Earth that sustains us and keeps us alive.

Heal all of the imperfections you see in others within yourself and hold true to the knowledge if you do so you will heal the world.

Sonja Grace is available all the time for readings and works with clients all around the world. How does she do it? The telephone! She is also available on Skype!

Her cell phone goes with her everywhere and her office phone is on from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

If you need a reading or clearing and healing you can call Sonja at 503.746.6525 or contact her or visit the Readings page.

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