Spirit Traveler Diary #8

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The guides took me to the Giza Pyramids once again to explore the inner chamber of the Khafre Pyramid. They took me through a long corridor leading to the inner chamber. As we were descending down I could feel the coolness of the heavy stone walls. They told me these pyramids were built long before the dates recorded in our current history.

They informed me that the Giza pyramids were built around 10,000 B.C. and the very chamber we were standing in was used for transportation. They indicated the use of these pyramids was lost over time and reused as monuments to the pharaohs. I heard voices talking and turned to see the first inhabitance and builders of this great temple.

They were talking about the stone walls being strong enough to handle the pressure of energy that was flowing into and out of the pyramid. I was consumed by feeling that very energy and noticed a weightless sensation to my body even though the air felt thick. My gaze followed the light globes that hovered around the first inhabitants standing in the chamber. I asked them what they came here to Earth for and they said to help humanity and for some of them to incarnate as humans. They said some of them were on Earth for a time until humans were strong enough and then they left, returning to their home.

They are from the Orion constellation. Each of the pyramids line up with the three stars with incredible precision. They said that humans had misinterpreted the signs they left for them and they have not yet uncovered the past as it truly happened. The biggest message they left is where all three pyramids point to … up… Orion’s belt.

There is life elsewhere in the Universe and from what I learned standing in that ancient place is there are many who watch what we do here on Earth and they are still connected to our progress and development.

The guides gently took my arms and carried me back to my small office where I blinked and realized I was home again. I thanked them for giving me the opportunity to open my mind beyond the confines of what history and religion has restricted humanity from learning… the truth.