Spirit Traveler Diary #7

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As I went into meditation my guides were already talking about the journey ahead and where we were going; back to the City of the Gods. The pyramid of the Sun looked bright in the sunlight as we arrived on the street of the dead.

My guides said we are not going up the steps of the pyramid we are going around it and rushed me past the monument and toward a hillside that had an over growth of lush green. We went behind this great wall of jungle and were met by a jaguar. I immediately started to explain my reason for being there and that I did not mean any harm. He was not pleased with me and moved closer eyes narrowing and my guides stepped to the forefront, suddenly he changed to human form.

A magnificent Aztec man with a large red headdress stood before me. I explained we were there to learn the truth and the reason the pyramid was built. He said that was fine and after the formalities between him and my guides, we followed him into a cave that was quite damp and had a small pool of water. He said this is where the offering to the Gods was kept until it was time. I saw young women and men standing there alone being offered one at a time. I shuddered as we passed through the cave and moved down a narrow path that was barely big enough to get through. At one point I had to turn sideways to squeeze past the rock wall that lined both sides of the dark passage. We emptied out into the next cave and it is at this point I started to hear less and feel my other senses perceiving more. I could smell the damp air and cool rocks and I could feel the Earth beneath my feet in a way that felt more ancient than anytime I could ever remember. The Aztec guide stopped talking and we moved into another narrow pathway this time it made a sharp left and we entered the pyramid of the Sun from the back side.

We stood in the center of a large chamber and I asked why was this built? and our guide said to invoke the Gods. There was another race of beings who built these temples helping us to create a way to travel and communicate with them when we were in need.

This chamber is sacred and was literally used to transport to and from other sites. He moved his hand across the still damp air and I felt a rush of sound like leaves rustling in the breeze and I blinked. The air suddenly had changed and was now dry and hot, I felt as if I had pushed up against a wall of heat. I felt it in the pit of my stomach… we were in Egypt.