Spirit Traveler Diary #5

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Newgrange County Meath Eastern Side of Ireland

My guides took me east over land and water to Newgrange… it was dusk and the light was fading as we stood on the outer parameter of this massive mound. The large stones that encircle the mound looked enormous. My guides showed me how this monument was built over 5000 years ago.

All of a sudden the land was bare and I watched these light beings stand on that very site giving information and guidance to the people. The people of this time were small and fairy like and the gifts were of a higher vibration that connected these people to deeper energies within the Earth. These light beings were responsible for creating this chamber for the people… it was a place for them to hold ceremonies and pray to their Goddess and deities that came to them in light form.

When I entered Newgrange the spirits of long deceased came to me immediately and said they were there to guard the scared space. They had been there all this time and they were not going to leave. We are a part of the Earth now and we are dedicated to keep this energy alive and well, so that when they return we have truly honored them once again.

They said that the beginning ceremonies of their people were about learning to work with the magic and energy abilities that they were given. They told me it took a life time to understand. They said the Earth talks to us and she knows we are here and she understands us. It was not until much later when many of the old ones who knew the stories and the magic were laid to rest and buried in the chamber to keep them safe.

The people of County Meath slowly evolved over centuries to new ceremonies and ways of preserving what had now become stories and legends of the ancient ones. They showed me that the stones that circle both the west and east sides of Newgrange were brought in by the same beings that built Stonehenge. These are the gaul which means foreign, not like us, totally different in Gaelic. The ancient spirits who guard the mound reminded me that the beings from another star came here to bring a higher consciousness to humanity.

This mound was created so the energies of the Earth and the higher energies of these light beings would literally meet as the people were the conduit.