Spirit Traveler Diary #4

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I arrived at the eighth wonder of the world, feeling the warmth from the sun. The Banaue terraces located in the Philippines were made as stair steps to their Gods.

My guides took me up the steep hillside where I could feel the presence of an energy that was dense and heavy and all around us.

I felt as if I was waking up from a deep sleep as the energy shift was so profound I could barely stand. I looked up and all of a sudden I was shown the spirit of a dragon using the hillside stairs to travel up to the God’s and back down to the people. My guides told me that dragon spirit was in fact real and had existed during the time these sacred stair steps were made. The dragon was feared as well as worshiped.

When I looked up at the top of the terrace I saw Vishnu the Hindu God standing there. I asked how long he had been coming to this place and Vishnu replied since the beginning of mankind. Vishnu also told me that the stairs were sacred to many gods and it was from this place on high that they kept watch over all the people.

The Gods would bring the rain and weather from these mystical steps as well as the health and well being of the crops and the villages below.

When I asked what made these terraces the guides allowed me to see the night sky surrounding the ancient site and spirits that resembled another world carving out the hillside. The people believe it was their Gods who did so. The temple at the top is considered the house of the Gods.

The energy of this site moved me to tears as I felt this was a very sacred place on the Earth and a source of energy from the Earth that is rarely found.

The guides took me by my hand and lead the way back through the cool air in the night sky.