Spirit Traveler Diary #3

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When I arrived at Stonehenge the night air was cold and there was a slight wind blowing through my hair. I could feel the presence of many who had passed before me. The great stones had a presence all to themselves and the energy woven through time in this place was magical. My guides lead me through the structure and with a wave of their hands the night sky seemed brighter and the beginning of Stonehenge was revealed to me.

The people came in a quiet almost reverent way and took their places in the great stone structure that symbolized the placement of the stars and their connection to specific constellations. The ritual that is performed and the reason Stonehenge was built pertains to fertility and the connection they had to the energies of the universe. Each opening was a symbol for the opening of a woman. The man would stand to the side of each lintel that the woman would then stand in front of and through the ritual of bringing spirit into matter she would then receive or be impregnated with the cosmos being channeled through the divine entrance of each portal.

It was erected in this particular place for the very reason that the Earth holds energy that is manifested through all living things in different ways. This particular place is a powerful earth center.

My guides showed me this was a very advanced people with abilities in the spiritual realm that would rival technology today. Then they showed me the blue stones being levitated into place. What I perceived is that the creation of the post lintel system was in reference to the divine coming through matter.

My feeling is they had a deep sense of connection to the earth but also to the cosmos and they wanted to bring their spiritual understanding into each child as they were conceived. The importance of Stonehenge and the birth of this monument had everything to do with fertility. The course of time and how history was recorded changed that mission due to ice ages and other Earth changes that left the knowledge of the beginning behind.