Spirit Traveler Diary #16

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I was taken by the guides to Nepal where we entered large wooden doors into a plaza area and stood in front of a group of Buddhist monks meditating.  My guides spoke up and introduced me to the monks as a healer and person of light that they should know.  I was deeply embarrassed and kept my hands in prayer position repeating Namaste.  The monks told us we should go to the temple and suddenly we were rising up as if on a platform and we were transported to a temple in Lhasa where we sat with the monks in meditation.  I came back with my guides asking them the name of the place we had traveled to in Nepal.  They answered “the Gate”

I was curious about this place called the Gate and put the Gate, Nepal in the Google bar. I discovered there is in fact a place in Nepal called the Golden Gate in Bhaktapur.  The square we stood in is Durbar Square.  The pictures were exactly what I saw when traveling with my guides.

I have been talking to my clients about walking their meditations as we are nearing the transition into the fifth dimension.  My practice in motion happens at the gym.  I reached the upstairs level and got on my favorite bike at LA fitness.   I started peddling and went back into meditation where my guides took me by both arms and away we went back to the Gate and showed me what I did not understand before.

It was a portal to the temple and once again we were transported from there to the temple in Lhasa.  Once we arrived I asked my guides where do they go from here and they took me up to the ascended masters.  A man appeared before me and I immediately recognized him as Siddhartha.  He stood before me and put his hand on my third eye and told me I was now one with all things in the universe…. I felt my body and soul connect with all energies as I was completely united with an infinite contact of time and space.

They told me they are there to guide and help humanity on earth.  They work with the

Guardians of the Universe and have done so for centuries.  When my guides brought me back to my body I was unaware that twenty minutes had past and I was still biking.  The room was filled with a buzzing sound and the light looked different.  I ended my workout and left the gym altered with the realization I had just experienced something that would change my life forever.  I bowed my head and said thank you.