Spirit Traveler Diary #12

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The fifth dimension

My guides came to me and asked me to blaze the trail into the fifth dimension. They said once I cross into the fifth dimension I could not go back. I agreed and they took me by the hand as we moved into the next realm which was like floating through the most beautiful light with white, indigo and purple all swirling around me. It was like a beautiful painting that has now effected how I see the world.

My experience in this dimension has been profound and allows me the opportunity to report to humanity what is in store. There is peacefulness in this dimension that is not present in the prior consciousness.

It is from this place I have experienced working on clients with an even higher vibration that has me side by side the doctors and healers of this realm. The energy is light and smooth like silk and my hands remove illness and pain with a new found clarity that is not riddled with the astral plane experience.

I am now in the realm that my guides used to take me into. It was such a surprise to suddenly be a part of the spirit realm in a way that I have always observed it but not been in it.

I actually felt I was in the spirit realm as I walked through the gym for my evening yoga class. I felt invisible and there was a quiet that I had not remembered since I was in spirit form prior to incarnation.

I am now there with my guides in their realm and they have traveled with me to places around the Universe that seem but a stone’s throw away.

I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity to report my findings and my experiences from the fifth dimension here in my Spirit Traveler Diary.