Spirit Traveler Diary #11

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I have traveled to the Hawaiian Island many times in this life. I was filled with the familiar warmth of the sea air as my guides brought me back in meditation.

We went up into the night sky and traveled across the ocean in a blink of an eye. The birthing stones stood out as we walked through the grass before them. They were dark and yet warm with an inviting energy. The guides said that at one time when the islands were new they were laid down with energy lines consistent to the energy lines in the Earth’s structure.

The stones symbolized the star constellations and were meant for the islanders to have celestial help with their births.

The ancient ones who were revered and worshiped assisted the royal women giving birth on these rocks before their men. The royal blood line and validity of these newborns was determined by the king and all who stood by.

There was tremendous life here as well as death. Many women and babies lost their lives not being identified as their father’s child. The Hawaiian people were warriors and had their paths carved deeply in power and hierarchy.

The celestial beings that filled the stones with magic and a passage for the royal children to come through were the menahone or Nawao. Hawaiian legend has it that many centuries ago, the Menehune were a mischievous race of small people, or dwarfs, who lived hidden in the forests and valleys of the islands before the first settlers arrived from Polynesia.

The magical Menehune, who roamed the deep forests at night, were about two feet (60 cm) tall, though some were as tiny as six inches (15 cm), small enough to fit in the palm of a hand.

The Menehune I met on the island said they were responsible for placing the birthing stones and aligning these birthing rituals with the stars and Universal energies. These energies were created to help the women when giving birth to the royal blood lines.

The Menehune are rarely seen by human eyes, and are credited with mighty feats of engineering and overnight construction.

They are considered to be relatives to Ireland’s leprechauns. They arrived long before man came into being and are one of the oldest races on the planet. They have since moved way underground and stay hidden due to the lack of respect for the Earth and her much needed care. They also informed me that they had been held on the island of Oahu by the spell of a powerful Kahuna and asked me if I would release them. They told me they would be forever grateful and that much of the help the Earth receives is from them.

I went to the heart of the island and undid the spell that held them and watched hundreds of these magical small people cheer with freedom and joy! They said they were needed all over the world. The Menehune were held by greed to have all of their power kept on the islands. They told me they are responsible for maintaining the lay lines and meridians of the Earth. They work with the Earth’s energy and are instrumental in the Earth’s survival. They told me they have helped many people on the islands and their work is experienced by all who gravitate to Hawaii for healing.