Spirit Traveler Diary #1

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I entered the realms with great anticipation as my guides accompany me through the realms. Time and space have no meaning here and their intention was to take me back to a very scared place. The darkness of night seemed bright with a flood of stars that guided by my faithful companions to a place on the Earth that has untold stories and history that was not recorded. With my eyes open seeing the realms we went back to the beginning and my guides reminded me to stay grounded. With a swift clasp of both hands we arrive on the Island of Malta at an ancient site called Hagar Qim (standing stones) and Mnajdra.

As we entered the temple of stones I felt warm air on my face and a musky smell. We passed several corridors and suddenly I saw a procession of pregnant women pass us by. The high priestess who is a witness to my arrival showed me the rooms where these women gave birth to children. Incense and prayers hung heavy in these long corridors as the disciples of the Goddess in this ancient time perform ceremonies to bring the children into this world. The local women came here for their blessings and to give birth to a child in the temple was the highest blessing one could have for their new born.

They showed me a large circular room that was specifically for the crops and ceremonies pertaining to fertility. The high priestess said the crops were as important as the birth of a child and were treated with the same reverence and respect. They also showed me chambers that were designated to the pro creation of divine energy. The chosen priestess would pro create with a high priest bringing the presence of their Goddess into her body. The children born of this union were designated to follow in the temple. The girls trained as priestesses and the boys as priests. There was only one priest at time at this temple. The women were the governing body devoted to their Goddess. The boys were sent to designated homes to be raised and brought back if they were needed for pro creation.

The goddess they worshiped told me her name and spoke to me about the energy of the universe and the need for balance in all realms. She said the balance in this temple was as important as the balance in the whole universe. She said the energy was sacred in this temple and was meant to bless all of the people with fertility and good heath.

The last chamber I looked into was off to one side and at the far corner away from everything else. Opening the door I peeked in and froze with fear. There were entities and dark energies in this room and I quickly closed the door. The Goddess smiled and explained that this is where all dark energy was placed for very specific reasons. This room was designed for that energy and created balance in the universe with all of the good that was being created in the temple for it was a balancing point with the under developed energies. The Goddess assured me that the lower vibrational energies of this room were cleared on a regular basis and sent to the light. She also explained that the stars and astrological configurations kept everything aligned.

As I was leaving the temple I was aware of my body and how strong the energy was in this ancient place, feeling each stone warm with a presence that felt alive and electric. I told the Goddess and the high priestess I would return and learn more from this temple that understood balance and harmony in the universe. My guides gently took me by the hand and we passed through time and space returning from the realms. I felt energized and excited to return and record history from a new perspective.