• A session with mystic healer, Sonja Grace addresses the physical mental, emotional and Sonja Grace Readingsspiritual bodies.
  • One might ask questions about family, work, relationships and loved ones who have crossed over.
  • Others might find it necessary to address old patterns of behavior and process with guided inner work.
  • Through processing work she helps access the inner child and heal emotional woundings from the past.
  • She addresses the physical body with clearing work that allows the client to release where the emotional woundings have been stored.
  • Her gift to read past lives and clear karma gives a much larger scope for the client to identify and heal lifetimes of patterns.
  • She clears and remove blocks that keep us from raising our vibration and trusting our own inner compass.
  • A medical scan and healing session may also be in order for your own healing or healing of another.
  • Sonja’s years of intuitive experience help her to identify where the issues are in a client’s body both in physical and energy form.
  • Sonja addresses the energy body with a ‘clearing’ as well as removing the unseen in all levels of the auric field.
  • Sonja is able to execute healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies from a distance and over the phone.
  • Sonja’s work always includes tools for everyday use to stay grounded and work at a deeper level.

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All phone sessions are confidential and private.

Sonja Grace is trusted around the world. View the locations where her clients live and contact her by phone, Skype, Facebook and email for sessions!

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"I had an emergency session with Sonja Grace a week before my high-risk hysterectomy, and it was nothing short of miraculous. I was having excessive hemorrhaging, continual labor contractions, was internally riddled with scar tissue and showing signs of cancer. In one session, Sonja addressed the energetics of all the internal scar tissue, cleared the related trauma of my last life then traced my current physical illness to it's origin lifetime and cleared it in totality. She also cleared other harmful mechanisms that were in place. The day of surgery, Sonja even cleared the operating room and everyone involved to insure a safe successful surgery. That day, the oncology surgeon was unable to locate any scar tissue or cancer and had no explanation for her findings. She said what she did find, however, were small sections of scar tissue that had perfectly formed behind each ovary that seemed to be taking on the role of my new ovary suspensory ligaments, (since my original ligaments had to be replaced.) She said these new scar tissue strands were 'perfectly placed' and so she left them.


What Sonja was able to accomplish in one session is a testament to her connection to the Divine. Sonja operates outside of the conventions of time and space and her connection and intention is clean and pure. She creates a dimensionally safe space and you can feel this protection around you as she works. I have been a healing practitioner for over 30 years, am certified and initiated in many different modalities (some of them shamanic-based), and have been all over the world... but I have NEVER met anyone who can do what Sonja Grace does. She has created her own cooperative realm of Angelic Shamanism and her service is a gift to us all. She is THE REAL DEAL... no ego attached."


- Colleen C, Cleveland, OH