• A session with mystic healer, Sonja Grace addresses the physical mental, emotional and Sonja Grace Readingsspiritual bodies.
  • One might ask questions about family, work, relationships and loved ones who have crossed over.
  • Others might find it necessary to address old patterns of behavior and process with guided inner work.
  • Through processing work she helps access the inner child and heal emotional woundings from the past.
  • She addresses the physical body with clearing work that allows the client to release where the emotional woundings have been stored.
  • Her gift to read past lives and clear karma gives a much larger scope for the client to identify and heal lifetimes of patterns.
  • She clears and remove blocks that keep us from raising our vibration and trusting our own inner compass.
  • A medical scan and healing session may also be in order for your own healing or healing of another.
  • Sonja’s years of intuitive experience help her to identify where the issues are in a client’s body both in physical and energy form.
  • Sonja addresses the energy body with a ‘clearing’ as well as removing the unseen in all levels of the auric field.
  • Sonja is able to execute healing of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies from a distance and over the phone.
  • Sonja’s work always includes tools for everyday use to stay grounded and work at a deeper level.

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All phone sessions are confidential and private.

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