The Journey Into Peace Meditation Retreat

March 28 to April 1, 2019
Desert Rose Inn, Bluff Utah

UtahDo you feel insecure and question the stability of the Earth? Do you fear what will happen next? Are you a chronic worrier? Do you stress out over everything? Join award winning author and mystic healer Sonja Grace at Desert Rose Inn, Bluff Utah for a four-day meditation retreat. Gain tools that help dissolve and release fear and anxiety. Learn how to live each moment in a state of peace. Experience the Earth and connect with her energetically allowing for healing at a deeper level. Discover where you doubt yourself and lack trust and dive deep into inner processing that Sonja guides through her signature grounding meditation and inner child work. Find where you are resistant to change and awaken your inner truth. Sonja teaches a morning cellular yoga class focusing on the energy of the body and the breath. Each day we will sit in meditation and connect with the Earth and the Divine. Sonja’s guides provide a shift into a higher frequency and healing rounds for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. We will connect sound to each feeling and learn how to ground energy. Join Sonja Grace at the door way to Monument Valley and Bear Ears National Park at Desert Rose Inn in Bluff, Utah for this incredible journey to find and maintain your inner peace. Hiking and meditation outdoors will be a part of this magical experience.

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Earth Circle Meditation Retreat

Earth Circle Meditation Retreat

October 3-6, 2019
Big Bear Camp in Walton, Oregon

Get ready to dream while you are awake and step into the sacred Earth Circle.  Feel the vibration of this great planet and connect with her song.  Meditation, cellular yoga, movement, nature walks and evening fire ceremony will bring you into the circle of the Goddess.

  • Discover the sacred Circle
  • Learn how to release unwanted energies with Earth Medicine
  • Experience higher frequencies in meditation
  • Dream awake and record your dreams through drawing
  • Connect with the water and dedicate your Circle to this sacred element
  • Feel the energy of the land and learn about the Goddess through ritual and ceremony
  • Expand your consciousness and find inner peace

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Sacred Journey Meditation Retreat

November, 2019

Turtle Bay HIDid you ever wonder how your energy affects others? Do you feel drained and tired all the time? Do you want to feel more energized? Join award winning author, mystic and healer Sonja Grace for a four-day meditation retreat that takes you deep into your energy. Through meditation we will explore the chakras and how they relate to the auric field. Experience each layer of the field and learn how they support your physical body that mirrors the universe. Each day Sonja teaches a morning cellular yoga class focusing on the energy of the body and the breath, followed by Sonja’s signature grounding meditation allowing for the energy to naturally connect with the Earth. The exploration of energy will begin from the journey of the chakras, the auric field and the soul body. Each day there will be a healing from the angels addressing the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. Be prepared to experience higher realms and dimensions as Sonja’s guides navigate four days of bliss.


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Read what people are saying about the Mind and Body Retreats, Healing and Transformation Workshops and Retreats for Healing:


“Working with Sonja Grace is not just an experience, her teachings permeates my psyche and changes my life completely. This retreat was the most profound spiritual transformation I’ve had. I found a “Me” that had gotten lost in the cracks of life’s challenges and it feels so good to be back and empowered. I never know just what to expect at Sonja’s retreats yet I do know I can expect revolutional awakenings and self healing. Forever Grateful”
– D

“Your guidance, healing and love made it possible to re-connect with myself and gave me a sense of peace that I haven’t enjoyed in a very long time.”
– Becky M.

“I’ve been working with Sonja for quite some time now and went to the Earth Circle Meditation Retreat in Oregon. I was struggling a bit before I went but now feel content and completely at peace. I feel invigorated and have a whole new outlook on life. Sonja envelopes you in complete love and light. I felt I could completely be myself, I felt safe, and I’m convinced that that was crucial for the deep and profound healing that took place. I’ve met and worked with many mystic and spiritual healers, but I can honestly say that Sonja’s healing powers are far beyond any of them. If you’re looking to work with the best, I recommend working with Sonja.”
– Anna V.

“The Earth Circle Meditation Retreat profoundly contributed to my sense of wellbeing and optimal health. To connect with the earth, feel grounded and release unhealthy energies was the most positive and powerful experience. Sonja provides the perfect therapeutic environment for teaching us to feel energy and ground energy. Through this meditative process we learn to expand our inner peace. Thank you, Sonja!”
– Paula D.

“Thank you so much Sonja.  I’m still feeling the impact from the retreat. Things I had hidden deep inside of me were recognized and released. I have witnessed a huge shift in my intentions, living a life without expectations, stopping judgements of others as well as myself and focusing on my inner being. Mahalo for sharing your gift with us.  I love you and am so grateful.”
– Tracy H.

“The retreat was beautiful. Deep, insightful, healing, and inspiring. I always think of my time with Sonja as layers being peeled back. And it can be uncomfortable at times, but oh so good and rewarding if I let go and t r u s t. I appreciate that in all of my time with Sonja, I have never felt any judgement. I also appreciate that I don’t feel any “right or wrong” when she has us share our reflections. So my experience this time was deep. And blurry. I reflect on the past 4 days and it seems like it was years ago. Or in a different lifetime?…. I know we went through our physical body and did a lot of healing work. I am so grateful for Sonja and her love and guidance. I feel like she could have given me some “answers” at times…. but she knows that if she would have given them to me, it would have gotten me to the destination without the journey. And as you and I know, the journey is the p o i n t. It’s the peace, truth, love and meaning that we seek. I am so grateful. I love you!”
– Emily K.

“Two weeks ago, I attended Sonja Grace’s meditation retreat at Lumeria, Maui. I went into it without any expectations or ideas of what it would be like or what would come up for me. From the moment the retreat started and we were in Sonja’s presence, I felt protected and guided. She guided me to some deep healing, and helped me to peel back some layers of muck that were not serving me at all! She did so in a gentle, humble and healthy way that in the end, empowered me and helped me to dive deeper into some healing that I didn’t even know I needed. Sonja helped me to become aware of some “things” or “feelings” that I wasn’t even aware that I was having. And she helped me to get to the root of them. Not only was the retreat full of healing, but it was full of new skills and tools that she shared with us to take back into the “real” world. Healing is NOT easy. Different things and feelings and thoughts can come up for each person. But Sonja helped us to be in a place of love towards others and ourselves through out the whole process and to really walk away in a higher state of being. I have been challenged ten fold since the retreat ended, but I feel and hear myself thinking and speaking and doing in a totally different way! From a place within myself that she helped to uncover and soften. I hope that I can spend time like this with her at least once a year- it’s as if she helps us to cleanse the body physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally. What a G I F T she is…”
– E. Klein

“As always a retreat with Sonja is mind blowing/bending. In planning for one it seems difficult to imagine spending money on something solely for your own personal growth. But after the journey she takes you on, you realize there is no price that can be put on the gifts and transformation you walk away from. I am so happy to have discovered such a powerful way to better myself as a person and for my family.”
– G. Hansen

“Sonja-Thank you for being such an amazing spiritual leader. Your teachings were so pertinent and powerful, love your humor, too! I have been doing your meditation throughout the day today, and I feel a new outlook on things. Invaluable tools, and I’ll continue to work on being a more highly evolved being for the 5th dimension. Definitely interested in your Fall workshop at Joshua Tree!”
– Keri Sato

“I am so honored to have attended my 3rd Healing and Transformation workshop with Sonja Grace. Although titled the same, each workshop experience has expanded my personal process of loving and being the best me i can be. Sonja’s teachings and meditations are invaluable as I implement them into my daily life. A solid foundation to empower anyone to reach a higher state of awareness and being. The warmth and love Sonja extends creates a very safe and nurturing space for introspect and self-discovery. Thank you Sonja for an amazing and powerful day of healing and transformation. You rock!!”
– Danielle Richardson

“Sonja is a dynamic loving healer giving me sight of my inner truth”.
– Jeani N. Realty Co.

“Sonja is a cross between Freedom fighter, personal advocate and mind housekeeping specialist”
– Judy M. Hillsboro Insurance

“Sonja’s exercises during the seminar brought me to places I have never experienced before. I found a sense of peace and connection that I have long been searching for…”
– Jim M. – Mortgage Broker

“No measure of money could ever compare to the priceless gift you give of unconditional love, spiritual healing and personal transformation”.
– Danielle R. FADA Salon

“This workshop is exactly as advertised a powerful healing and transformation.”
– AK L. Real Estate Developer

“Sonja Grace’s conference on Healing and Transformation was totally rejuvenating and clarifying. The perfect number of participants allowed for meaningful sharing and spiritual repairing.”
– Gary G. Therapist

“Sonja provided some amazing tools and resources that I was able to use during and after the retreat to help me relax and feel more grounded. Sonja comes from such a place of love and light that you can’t help but to be transformed when you work with her.”
– Monica Ray, Owner & Digital Strategist at JAM Media Group

“I found the benefits of participating at Sonja’s workshop to be lasting and also noticeable and relevant long after attending it. I came away from it with tools that I can use to make life better every day, and that is priceless.”
– Lesley O. Dream North Shore vacation rentals

“I went to Sonja’s workshop because I was acquainted with Sonja and her work and I knew that it would be a valuable experience. What I didn’t realize was how helpful it was to get together with other like minded individuals with the intention of expanding and healing.”
– Tara V. Child Care Giver

Sonja Grace’s mind and body retreats, retreats for healing and health wellness retreats are held in California, Washington and other locations throughout the year. Please check back periodically for wellness retreats California, spiritual retreats Washington State, inner child workshops and other Mind Body Spirit retreats.

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