Welcome to the Raven and Bear Apothecary.

This is where Spirit meets Earth Medicine.


Medicine Jars

The Raven and Bear Apothecary offers medicine jars that hold the energy of clearing, healing and the angels. Each jar has handmade chakra sticks that are powerful medicine for healing your energy systems. They are accompanied by stones and Earth Medicine that carry the vibration of clearing, healing and the angels. Each jar is infused with vibrational energy. You can take the lid off and use the vessel to clear your home, or ask for healing, or call in the angels. The medicine is in the creation of these powerful vessels holding a combination of cedar, sage, stones, chakra sticks and Earth Medicine.



Chakra Jars

Get your chakras energized with individual Chakra Jars that hold the treasure for clearing and aligning your chakras. Each jar contains a chakra stick that is specifically designed for that chakra. Stones, herbs and Earth Medicine complete the vibrational energy of these powerful vessels. Get all seven and work with your Chakra Jars to balance and restore your energy.



Animal Totem Plaques

Everyone has an animal totem. Seven animals who are specifically associated with your seven chakras, are there to help you. Call upon your totem animals and honor them with these beautiful carved images. The wood plaques are around 4” by 4”. They have beads adorning the twine that loops and is easy to hang on the wall. Align your chakras with your totem animals on the wall! You can make a special request for your specific animals here. If you don’t know your animal totem be sure and sign up for an animal totem session with Sonja Grace here. These are one of a kind creations filled with Earth Medicine and Animal Magic!

Animal Totem Plaque
Animal Totem Plaque
Orders outside the the USA need to be arranged through the office. Special requests for animal totem plaques can contact through the office as well.
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