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Spirit Traveler: Unlocking Ancient Mysteries and Secrets of Eight of the World’s Great Historic Sites


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Spirit Traveler Book by Sonja GraceThere are so many things humans have accomplished over the past century.  From driving cars to planes and even rocket ships to the moon.  We have literally defied gravity and redefined time and space.  In my Spirit Travels I have also defied the natural order of this world bypassing what is known as current time into the past.  I first go into meditation and ground myself and through the instructions of my guides travel with them to destinations all over Sonja GraceEarth.  When we get there it is usually much further back in time than what is known of the site today.  For example when I Spirit Traveled to Stonehenge the stones were not there and the ground was bare.  Then I was shown what the site was used for and why these great megaliths were placed and by whom.

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What People Are Saying About ‘Spirit Traveler’

Cyndi Dale“I’ve traveled the world to visit sacred sites, for I’ve always believed they hold secrets light and dark. I’ve NEVER read a better book about the history–the true history–of our most sacred of sites than Sonja Grace’s, Spirit Traveler. Sonja is a gifted researcher, author, and intuitive. Besides featuring the known history of sites including Stonehenge and St. Winifred’s Well, Sonja invites us on a spirit journey. We fly with her to discover mysteries long forgotten, all of which reveal our ties to the stars and the connectivity of our souls to other people and planets. You will be fascinated, intrigued, and enlightened.”
– Cyndi Dale, author of The Subtle Body Encyclopedia and Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras

“This densely-rendered portrait of ancient sacred sites is painted with a combination of science, history, and metaphysical research. From psychically experiencing the raw energy of Stonehenge to watching a high priestess call forth the goddess from the waters of Saint Winefride’s Well, Grace recounts this adventure tale of the soul with tremendous insight and a sense of wonder.”
– Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight

Tracey Ash“The legends of earth temples and tombs whisper a different story of humanity. One we must listen to NOW. ‘Spirit Traveler’ opens our hearts to new perspectives on time, reality and who we are. Theses incredible power-sites hold encrypted wisdom to show us the way to ONE. This story will inspire you to travel and know self.”
– Tracey Ash, author of ‘Ancient Egyptian Celestial Healing’
“History comes alive in an eye-opening way when Sonja Grace lifts the veil of #secrecy about each #ancient site. What she has revealed is a gift to #humanity that can raise us another degree in our collective #consciousness.”
– Joy & Daniel Davis, Beyond 50 Radio

“Sonja Grace’s SPIRIT TRAVELER maps a magical journey through some of this world’s most sacred and mysterious monuments, temples, and bioregions. Her book is well-researched, written with clarity and a deep respect for the power and spirit of each place. This book also serves as an elegant meditation on Geomancy, the art of divining planetary energies, an invaluable reference for spirit travelers everywhere.”
– Antero Alli author of ‘Towards an Archeology of the Soul’