Portals around the Earth

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High frequency energies are bombarding our planet from outside our solar system.

Many people have reported feeling them and it helps to explain much of the chaos and disharmony that is widespread at this time.  The Earth is changing along with our entire galaxy.  As this new energy comes in from the universe it creates portals at various places in the Earth. This allows new frequencies to come through and old energies to be released.  These are higher frequencies that are responsible for the creation of the fifth dimension.  These portals will continue to grow and as they increase in size they will eventually merge with other portals and the Earth will be enveloped in this higher frequency known as the fifth dimension.


The galaxy exists on a grid system that is currently being restructured.   According to filmmaker David Wilcock all of the planets are changing.  He states that every 26 million years all forms of life on Earth spontaneously changes and upgrades from one type of creature to another.  The DNA code gets rewritten.


There are many who have experienced the shifts the Earth is making through their own bodies.   Feeling dizzy, muscle aches and headaches are symptoms of the frequencies changing.  As they restructure our DNA and physical body has to change as well.  The fifth dimension will bring about a new way of experiencing time and energy.


Resistance can cause fear and the need to control.  People are in fear because humanity has had amnesia for a long time.  Waking up to this transformation and raising one’s vibrational level keeps the progression moving forward as souls in bodies on the Earth.  All life forms progress in their evolution of consciousness.


Every culture speaks about a golden age that is coming.    Prophesies around the world have issued the end of life as we know it.   This is not going to happen as it is simply a shift in energy.  As the planet continues to respond to the shift in frequencies in our galaxies grid system we will observe a continuation of weather and land disruption around the globe.   Exercise, yoga, meditation and deep breathing open your being to higher frequencies.  Connecting to Divine Love is the key to this transformation.   When we are in a state of unconditional love we are no longer attached to the duality.   From a state of unconditional love we then create balance within ourselves and as a mirror we reflect and create balance all around us.  By creating balance we help the Earth, humanity and our galaxy transform with ease.

Many Blessings;

Sonja Grace


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