Message from the Light beings known as Arcturians

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We do not fully comprehend the Universe because we have viewed it from a three dimensional reality. The Universe is multi-dimensional and filled with energies that have a spirit body within them much in the same as the Earth. The current space weather and solar storms are due to the restructuring of the grid system in our galaxy. All life forms are being asked to transform. Our DNA is changing and realigning with our places of origin. The shifts you see here on Earth are caused by the global stratosphere that reacts to the rest of the galaxy as a Morse code. The greater forces in the Universe are objecting to Earth’s global warming. There are many who are already here on the planet. Life forms throughout the Universe exists in energy/spirit form. There are physical manifestations of other life forms but they are generally much more advanced. The fluidity on Earth is also reflected throughout the Universe. Heat, sound, oceans of energy all move and shift with much bigger force of movement. Transformation is imminent and there will be a shift so wide spread with the Earth we will not recognize the hereafter.