Take an adventure through our hidden past and discover how ancient sites relate to the present state of humanity. Take a deep dive on a few ancient civilizations through the eyes of prominent scholars as they uncover lost meanings of humanities origins.


We have some exciting news for you. Our Season Premiere Event, Ancient Civilizations: The Lost Knowledge is coming to Gaia this January, and we’ll be sharing it with you for free during a worldwide online screening event.

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This is the third season of our groundbreaking Gaia Original series Ancient Civilizations, and explores pyramid energy experiments in the field, new discoveries of ancient technology, DNA results from 2 elongated skulls from Paracas and more.


This free online premiere will be live from January 11-20 and over five fascinating episodes you’ll discover:

  • How the famous inventor, Nikola Tesla, sought to tap into the secrets of the Great Pyramid, in an effort to bring limitless electrical power to the world.
  • Why the Great Sphinx might have originally had a lion’s head and date back to more than 12,500yrs ago, perfectly aligned with the constellation leo.
  • Why the builders of 12,000yr old Gobekli Tepe used the site for a thousand years, then buried it intact to preserve its knowledge.
  • How a South Carolina man’s DNA dates back to a most recent common ancestor in his lineage that’s 338,000yrs old, and is twice as old as any human fossil on record.
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Sonja Grace Ancient CivilizationsYou’ll hear from a stellar line up experts and thought leaders on the subject including, Graham Hancock, Linda Moulton Howe, Andrew Collins, Freddy Silva, Gregg Braden, Michael Cremo, Anton Parks, Sonja Grace, Robert Bauval, Robert Schoch and Billy Carson, just to name a few.


We hope you’ll join us for the limited-time premiere screening of Ancient Civilizations: The Lost Knowledge.


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