Karen Gardon

Karen is an energy healer whose life has led her into the art. Having formerly gained an MBA and worked in the corporate sphere on leadership teams in major projects around the world she used her psychic skills to successfully create a career in risk management until the universe intervened with ‘incurable’ illness that left her bedridden, and wheelchair bound for almost two years. During that time, she found refuge in mediation and energy practices such as reiki, qi gong and Donna Eden’s energy medicine until finding Sonja Grace and experiencing her unique healing modality.

After working with Sonja to gradually regain her health she committed her life to helping others in desperate health situations to do the same, undertaking six months of intensive training with Sonja. Karen has also studied with one of Australia’s most prominent psychic mediums, Alison Maiden, learning mediumship, reiki and seichim practices as well studying holistic counseling with Dr Patricia Sherwood who taught the same methods of experiential psychology in sand play, art therapy and clay work that she used to help the survivors of the Rwandan genocide to recover from the deep trauma experienced. Karen works from a place of deep love and respect for the journey of each soul.

Karen is available for appointments:

Personal 60 Minute Session with Karen Gardon


Long Distance Clearing and Healing with Karen Gardon