Jess BellI live in a cabin in Maine with my husband and three children.  We home and road-school our kids; spending time skiing, boating, camping, and exploring.  I’m a California native but wouldn’t call any one place home.  Home has always been the natural body of water closest to where I am at any given moment.  I’ve worked or studied extensively in Switzerland, France, Spain, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Vanuatu, and Japan.

Raised as a Christian Scientist, healing was part of my life from a young age. My peaceful place has always been in helping others. My initial training and career line was in education.  As a language teacher in both public and private settings in various states and countries, I have loved the conduit education provides as a means for connection with students.

Often the adventurer and traveler, I’ve sailed over 10,000 miles throughout the Mediterranean and Pacific Oceans as crew on yachts of all sizes.

I have always been extremely sensitive.  This has its challenges and benefits.  It’s allowed me to connect deeply with nature and unseen forces throughout my life.  Over the past five years I’ve dedicated my life to healing and to teaching and raising my children.  Some of my healing training includes extensive study  with Donna Eden and Cyndi Dale – energy medicine, chakra and breath-work with Anodea Judith and Dr. Sue Morter, specialized training for empaths with Wendy de Rosa and Judith Orloff and sound healing with Eileen McCusick and the Brothers Koren.  I completed two courses of Earth Angel Training with Sonja Grace.  I have attended her retreats and workshops and resonate with her as my main teacher. Her combination of seeking and spreading truth and love resonates deeply within me.

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