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Intolerance: not tolerating or respecting beliefs, opinions, usages, manners, etc., different from one’s own, as in political or religious matters; bigoted.

JT with rocksPut a hold on that irritation you feel every time something doesn’t go your way. We are quick to judge and even quicker to feel exasperated with the lack of attention to our needs. We get this way because we are living in a premixed pre washed, pre viewed society that expects everything now. We have literally lost our patience! When we look inward and find the impatient inner child who has every right to cry because they are hungry or feel alone, it becomes apparent that we start to understand how our perception was altered. Nurturing the inner child is the key to healing the impatient adult.

We drive our cars and get upset with the driver in front of us yelling and screaming as if they do not understand we must get to our destination. What we are forgetting is they too have a mission that might a difficult doctor’s appointment or they are from another town trying to find their way. Keep your cool and remember you too might find yourself lost traveling in a new city or retired and driving slower enjoying the road and your freedom.

When we get into judging others it is often from our own lack of information or resistance to something we do not understand. Our human experience is only limited if we chose to believe in what we are told, not questioning but blindly trusting the information from books, the internet, religion and more. When we examine history we can see where many events are recorded as the truth and later changed to fit the scientific findings of the current times. This is enough evidence to help us understand we must have some discernment for ourselves and step outside of the box to question why we think the way we do. Our intolerance is a symptom of our society being out of balance. We can learn so much from the Earth if we take the time to breath, walk barefoot, feel our feelings and quiet the mind. We become irritated because we no longer understand the natural rhythm of life.

We can reconnect with the Earth and regain our inner balance and compassion by simply changing the way we believe life is supposed to be. Expectations are often the leader of our impatience. Intolerance however is a horse of a different color. Feeling intolerant of a person’s race or religion or simply the way they chose to care for their yard is judging from an understanding that your way is correct and theirs is not. We can feel intolerant towards many things like violence and crime and chose to not participate in that energy. It is when we take intolerance to another level, judging and disrespecting other people’s beliefs that we enter the pool of karma. The collective karma of the human race has been quite intolerant of religion, politics, race and just simply getting along. May we all have tolerance for the vast differences that make up over seven billion people around the world and may we remember it is not our place to judge or invest in the duality of right and wrong, good and bad but to simply observe and respect other’s and their differences the way you wish to be respected yourself.

Loving everyone around the World;
Sonja Grace