Fusion of the Four Essential Bodies: Meditation Retreat at Lumeria Maui, Oct 8-11, 2015

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Lumeria SANCTUARY main roomThis retreat offers an incredible experience of aligning the four essential bodies through meditation. Sonja Grace, author of Become an Earth Angel, teaches the true meaning of our energy, how to connect, where it goes, how we misuse it and how to ground. Experience cellular yoga, connect with the Lumeria view with gardenheart of the Earth and align the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Sonja’s signature grounding meditation takes you deep into the Earth and connects with Source, allowing for the mind to be still and uncover the peace that is deep within the soul body. Higher frequency healings, processing, ceremony and the angelic universe are all a part of this this magical weekend in Maui! Learn More…


Lumeria Maui Lumeria Room

Learn More about the Retreat and find out about the Early Bird Special offered