Earth’s Song

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The Earth energies continue to change and what you resist will persist.  There are so many things happening in our galaxy right now that even the Earth’s signals are like a child crying and the mother cannot hear her.  We Earthlings experience the ebb and flow of this new grid system our galaxy is acquiring while solar flares amplify the message from the sun: transform.  The Earth sends sound through her movement that is a concert of energy translating into higher frequencies.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and ocean tides all send a message from our planet out into the Universe.  The amount of noise the Earth dwellers produce is causing a static in the signals and the galaxy quickly moves to fix the problem as we weave into a higher vibration.  The Earth’s song could be heard in the days where noise was nothing more than the sound of water rushing through the creek or footsteps on the snow.  Now there are very few places on this planet where noise doesn’t dominate the environment.

The Pacific Rim is a part of this transformation.  As the Earth moves in her tectonic plates we experience earthquakes that free different parts of this magnificent rim.  When it makes the downward plié there will be a pushing up towards the sky that in time will create a new land mass. Waters are rising and the trend of a mini ice age is upon us.

These Earth shifts will happen faster as time and space shift.   Our awareness to these necessary changes will help us to adapt.  I was asked recently do I buy a boat or get warm camping gear?  I do not feel either is necessary.  I am watching the emotional barometer while we experience solar flares and wild weather.

The consensus across the board has been fear rising to the surface like a well hidden secret, demanding to be cleansed before we move further into the fifth dimension.  Noticing your fears and acknowledging them is half the battle of releasing them.  The ego has a strong stance when we do not want to face what we fear.  The key is to feel safe and let the ego step aside so you can see what is plaguing you in your personal drama.

Holding on to the drama of these deep seeded fears will once again allow the ego to protect you and keep you from dealing with what is at the core.

As the custodians to this great planet our first duty is to take care of what gives us life.  The next step is to release our attachments with the realization that we are all particles of Divine Love.  There is no greater freedom than to realize who you are at a soul level and surrender your attachments to earthbound things.  We are so caught up in the illusion we have lost hearing the song of the Earth and her daily message that floats up to the heavens like a warm summer breeze.  Turn off the noise in your world and listen!