Earth Ways Update:

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Earth Ways Update:  We are all spiritual beings with a connection to the divine.  If people took the time to study geology and astronomy as much as spiritual concepts we might manage this earth as our ancestors once did.  When we lived long ago we were spiritual beings living close to the Earth.  Our energy was super charged with Earth energy and we did not question our ability to tune in or commu…nicate telepathically.   Each person had purpose and each person was important to the whole village.  The medicine man or woman  was a skill passed through lineage and something they are born into.   In some cultures today there is spiritual knowledge that is not talked about nor shared because it can be dangerous for someone who is not taught in those ways or prepared to handle such information.   Often through comparing ourselves to others and a feeling of entitlement we tip the scales and fall into greed.  This manifests in an oversaturation of spiritual  information, that doesn’t always get viewed with a discernment of authenticity.     We are here to clear our karma and each of us have a different path.  Each person has unresolved issues from the past that have manifested over lifetimes as reoccurring themes that need to be healed.  As you search for your spiritual connection remember the direct line in is your feelings.  This is something we trusted and held close to our Mother when we were once one with the land.  May everyone reconnect with the Earth for she is key to your inner peace.   May just being you and radiating the light you have be enough.

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