Earth Ways Update, Oct. 8, 2012

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We are all equal in that we each have an experience of being in a physical body. We are not equal in the karmic experience as many have evolved in different ways… asleep, semi-conscious and totally conscious and for a very few…enlightened thus not on the planet anymore! As everyone races to the finish line of the ‘let’s get conscious act of 2012’ remember you have your karmic history to heal and understand. Your plight may take you to the extreme of the duality and as you ooze love and light do not forget the pendulum swings both ways. The bigger the front the bigger the back…. Everyone is spiritual and connected to the Divine. Everyone has the right to their own connection to God and the Goddess. Everyone is not equip nor karmically driven to be a brain surgeon or a plumber…. not everyone who is spiritual is meant to be a healer or a pastor. This demand the Universe is making on everyone to snap on is swinging in extremes in the duality and next year when we have moved into the fifth dimension it will be the big swing back…. This the problem …. Not observing all of it from the center may bring a much harsher reality to the awareness each person is gaining. To isolate and only think there is the “good people”, the “Spiritual people” in your life is to deny a part of the Universe… the duality exists no matter what bubble you want to be in. It is our programing from centuries of misused power that causes us to react to the duality with such extremism. As we are all one we can embrace all aspects of humanity. Violence in Pakistan and Syria to the war in Iraq are as much a part of the “oneness” as the love and light. We are all a part of the Divine no matter what side of the duality we choose to act out according to our karmic past and our current belief systems in this life. A disciplined practice of meditation is how we get to the center of observation and it is in that place we find peace. Peace does not take away the duality it helps us to manage our human experience within the duality.

Loving everyone around the World; Sonja Grace