Earth Ways Update

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Earth Ways Update:  While Mercury is challenging your every moment,  we have had a solar flare, a CME and another shift in energy. The focus until Sunday is stay grounded through all the energetic turbulence.  We all want healthy lives with food, clothing, shelter and education for our children and the self-realization of why we are here.  We are here as spiritual beings from all over the Universe to take care of this sacred planet.  That is the purpose of the collective.  With the new energies coming in and the transition from the fourth world to the fifth many people are still stuck in that addiction cycle of wanting a higher high… the whole world is looking for that feel good moment and reaching for the stars to find it.  IT is right here on Earth but it is inside of you.  Your energy connecting with Earth’s energy is the key.  Big words like enlightenment are being used with that higher than high sensationalism.  The facts are the Earth is naturally in the second realm.  This is a place where war, violence and disruption exist.   If you observe the Earth she erupts daily in movement, death, rebirth and chaos.

As spiritual beings, we  have our consciousness in the realms. Many are in the third realm where there is a connection to the spirit realm and astral plane.  This is not to be confused with the layers of the field.   So gaining a higher consciousness and obtaining that ultimate high will fall short if humanity doesn’t take the time to stay grounded here on Earth and connect with her energy.  We are already the spiritual beings we are seeking to be… it is the experience of the physical form that has everyone wanting more.

Loving everyone around the World; Sonja Grace