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The Fulcrum: the Balance Between East and West

The Fulcrum discovers the balance of the past and present between people and the Earth through ceremony and rituals.

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Art print The Fulcrum: the Balance between East and West by Sonja Grace

The Fulcrum: the Balance between East and West is a documentary hosted by Mystic Healer Sonja Grace who discovers the past and present relationship between people and the Earth through ceremony and rituals. Geologist and historian Dr. Kieran O’Mahony and filmmaker Shawn Sockyma join her in this journey traveling to: Lukla, Nepal, Dingle, Ireland, Hopi Reservation, Arizona.

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We will explore what people have done for centuries to pay their reverence and respect to the Earth.  Architecture, language, rituals and customs will be examined from three distinct places around the world. In this documentary the fulcrum is Ireland and Dr. Kieran O’Mahony will weigh in on the history of rituals and ceremonies for the Earth in his native land.

We will travel to Nepal to uncover the balance that keeps small villages like Lukla connected to the Earth through ceremony and ritual and observe the similarities with the other side of the world: the Hopi Reservation.

Dingle Ireland
Dingle Ireland
Ghandrung Village South Nepal










Film maker Shawn Sockyma a full blooded Hopi Indian will bring us to the heart of Arizona where we will discover the ancient rituals still practiced today.  The similarities between Ireland, Nepal and Hopi will be revealed as we connect with the people, their cultures, ceremonies and rituals for the Earth. The mystery of the fulcrum: Ireland will be uncovered!

Mystic Healer Sonja Grace is the host of this great adventure as she looks into each of these ancient places with her own gifts and discusses the past and present with locals, historians and ceremonial leaders.  She will uncover rituals from the past and what is  practiced today for the Earth in the east: Nepal and the west: the Hopi Reservation and the Fulcrum:  Dingle Ireland. Her abilities to see, hear, feel, smell and communicate with the spirit realm adds for an exciting connection to the Earth and all of the realms.

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