Danielle RichardsonGrowing up with 7 siblings, I recognized at a young age, I was different from the fold. Building forts and havens in my cathedral of nature, feeling connected to God and Mother earth, is where I have always felt most at home. Although there were some treasured takeaways from the God-fearing religion I grew up in, I had a vastly different relationship with God and spirituality then those of my family.

As my siblings bounced around from one thing to another, I found myself in observation–people watching. A quiet study of behaviors, seasons, cycles, and patterns. Observing and connecting the dots to the mysteries and magic of life; natures fauna and flora, humanity, and the differences of cultures, families and beliefs. All the while being enveloped in a cocoon of deep love, respect, and compassion for all living things. Often feeling as if my heart was going to burst from the gratitude that fills me each day to be here on this earth at this time.

I was introduced to Sonja Grace over 15 years ago and became a quick study. As a last-ditch effort from years of tests for an undiagnosable health issue,(both in Western and Eastern medicine), I was referred to Sonja Grace by my naturopath. Sonja identified and energetically treated the issue within minutes, healing years of extreme pain. This miraculous event connected my dots awakening me to a path that I had always felt called for yet naïve to. I have worked closely with Sonja since my first long distance session as a student, assistant, and hairdresser. Observing, learning and connecting to the world of the unseen—Energy medicine.

When I look back through all the twists and turns my life has taken, it is no wonder my many years as a hairdresser has been the perfect stage to my preparation for living life in service. Years behind my chair unveiled my intuitive nature, recognizing, knowing, and understanding needs of those I’ve been blessed to serve. Now as a long-distance energy healer, I work with your energy field; the chakras, auric field, meridians, helping to clear, move energy, discover and heal by finding your balance in body mind and spirit.

I believe the divine always takes us to the places we need to go in this life. The best call I ever made was to Sonja Grace as it has led me to this moment of being here for you. I am honored to support you and your needs as you discover your beautiful you, opening doors to the places and spaces within that may be keeping you from feeling, doing, and being your best.

“I have trained Danielle in all levels of healing and can’t recommend her work enough! She’s precise, detailed and a true Earth Angel.” – Sonja Grace

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