Couples Workshop, Dec 28, 2016, Turtle Bay Oahu

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Couples RomeoandJulietCouples Workshop
Wednesday, December 28, 2016
Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore, Oahu 6-9 p.m.

Join author of ‘Spirit Traveler’ Sonja Grace in this remarkable workshop addressing how to be in relationship and navigate emotional wounds from childhood and remain together, love each other and create balance in your daily lives. Do you feel you are not being heard, appreciated or understood?  This three hour workshop is for you!  Identify how to feel your feelings, process and release, love and nurture the inner child and be a better listener. Blame, victimization and rejection are hot topics we will address and uncover within the individual and in relationship! Whether you are in a relationship, married, divorced or single this workshop is for everyone!




Payments are nonrefundable, but can be applied to phone sessions with Sonja

Turtle Bay Resort, North Shore, Oahu

Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Room