From Findhorn Press:Become an Earth Angel by Sonja Grace

Become an Earth Angel, Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service

By Sonja Grace

In Earth Angel: A Guide to Finding Your Wings, Sonja Grace brings an entirely new perspective to the angel genre. She has been traveling and working in the angelic realm for over 30 years is dedicated to Divine love and is an Earth Angel. Our planet has moved into the fifth dimension and we are about to witness a new order of earth angels. Hundreds of thousands of people are beginning to feel a calling to their spiritual light. Yet, some feel misunderstood, different and in many cases extremely sensitive and intuitive about people and events. Sonja Grace was destined to write Earth Angel: A Guide to Finding Your Wings to assist those emerging souls who are searching for answers and hoping to discover their path of service and their spiritual connection to the divine.

Through her own extraordinary case studies, Sonja Grace reveals what it is like to do the work of an earth angel and how she has used her gifts to locate missing people, conduct long distance healing and council a myriad of international clients. Readers are taken on a journey into the angelic realms.

“Sonja Grace is a brilliant light that just happens to be on Earth. Her love permeates the room and her energy transforms the audience. She is a true life earth angel and a real gift to this world.”
Coast to Coast A.M. and Beyond Belief host George Noory

“What a blessed book this one is. 158 pages of pure celestial wisdom right at your fingertips. The exciting feature of this glorious how-to is that it is aimed at those of us who are spirit based and here to help the world. I learned so much about ways we can help, why we help, and even how the realm system works.
I feel so honored to help announce this great teacher to its seeking public because I know it is so needed. I would recommend this much-awaited guide to anyone who feels they could use a little help in the waking up department. Thanks Sonja, you are truly amazing.”
– By Riki Frahmann, Mystic Living Today


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