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When we watch a movie, we cover our eyes in the scary parts but love to see the bad guy get taken down. This is a great display of the duality and how we interpret the good and bad through what we believe. The real question is what has history taught us? Did we ever hold clubs in our hands and act like cavemen? The human consciousness has been morphed through time with influence from religion to science telling us what to believe. When we have so much feedback constantly barraging our own sensory system we can lose touch with what is reality. Humanity was once connected to the Earth and used the energetic sources provided to navigate a much more complex system within the body.

We look outside and think we are seeing everything there is to see and yet to the untrained eye we miss half of what is there. Perception of reality is constantly being influenced by our own species like a cosmic game to see how many ways we can fool ourselves and each other. Some people feel a spiritual urgency despite their belief systems. They are triggered by events our earth has not had for thousands of years. The ice melting in the Arctic is a big sign change is happening. The earth’s atmosphere is collapsing and the magnetic field is fading according to some scientists. Is this the energy that has everyone rushing for their own ascension? The sun gave birth to our planet and they communicate with solar flares and earthquakes like a love song in the galaxy. We mere mortals have missed the signs because we have limited ourselves to believing we are the highest intelligence. All the while nature and her living world communicate as we do. Why do we rush for spiritual enlightenment now? We are at a close to our hundreds of incarnations here on earth. Many came through at the time of Atlantis and brought the human race to where it is today; incarnating lifetimes and struggling to clear karmic ties to the past. Today we have a much louder message as the earth’s energy has fashioned a series of events to signal us things are changing. We feel it and some respond by choosing a spiritual approach with nonviolent action while others buy guns, dig shelters and store water. The real shift is many of us are being called back home. Home for each person is somewhere up in the night sky, for we all come from different parts of the Universe and we gathered here to experience consciousness in human form. But over the centuries we were distracted with the feeling of the physical and developed amnesia to our past lives and original home. Humans like all life on earth feel the change and want to have their karma cleared before anything happens. It is important to understand our belief systems have us disconnected from the very source that assists us in our awakening. The Earth’s energy is what guides us through this human experience! Your greatest act to clear your karma is to forgive yourself and others.

Loving everyone around the World;
Sonja Grace