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We are the benevolent beings who have traveled far in your time and space to come to Earth.  We are not here to change things we are here to simplify and rectify what has been changed by humanity.   We want to help aid humans in the course of their lives and the course of the history and development of this planet.

There is no recourse to what humanity has created and done.  Much of what is done cannot be undone.   There will be many sacrifices made on this planet due to the changes and the deterioration of all of the natural resources that have been tapped beyond the Earth’s capacity.

Arcturians are beings that have come simply to help assist and aid humanity; we are not here to take over anyone’s body nor infiltrate the consciousness of humanity.

We are here to help so that when things start to really change and shift with the planet we will be there to give guidance.   There are many that will move with us and make the changes that are happening into another dimension.

This dimension is the fifth dimension and there is a greater understanding for consciousness and awareness in this dimensional state.   Those to remain in the fourth dimension will perish along with other ideas and modalities that humans have prescribed to.


As Arcturians we work in harmony with the plant life on Earth, this is our greatest connection, through the devic realm. We are from a place that presents a similar source of energy.   There is a higher frequency in the DNA of all plant life.  Arcturians do not need to intervene for humanity we see a need to aid and assist.   The Pleiadians are the ones who plan to intervene.