Animal Communicator, Animal Healer

Sonja Grace with BirdsAnimal healer, Sonja Grace communicates with your pet discovering behavioral patterns, cause of illness, psychological needs and healing for both pet and owner. She has been working with animals for the past twenty years. Listed as a referral for renowned animal communicator Patty Summers, Sonja Grace helps to locate lost pets, communicate with pets that have crossed over and long distance healing work for illness, preventative energy work and all areas of healing.

One client in Washington D.C. called to ask if I could help her with her cat. The cat had been to several vets with a diagnosis of colitis and severe stomach irritation not to mention all foods being a problem. Through long distance healing work I was able to provide help for the cat working on his entire digestion tract and focusing on the tissue that needed repair in his stomach. The cat recovered within the week and has follow up treatments on a regular basis. There have been no more signs of the diagnosed problems for over a year.

One client called in a panic for her lost dog. He was abeautiful golden retriever that escaped the back yard enclosure. He had no collar as he was chipped and tattooed. Not only did I see him getting picked up and held against his will, my client was in touch with another animal communicator who provided the same information. I was able to lead her to the home where the dog was being held but there was no way to go in and get him. He was found days later in the same area abused and obviously held against his will. I was very grateful he was found and my client’s comment was “ Sonja Grace not only helped me find my dog, she offered hope and peace of mind in a time that was truly unbearable”.

My client who raises monkeys calls me regularly to communicate with them and help her to understand their needs, illness and social orientation. Recently she lost a monkey that was with her for years. The monkey came to me as I tuned into my client and from the spirit realm informed me not only was he living in the trees above the house where the monkeys are kept but he also spent time in the living room on top of the bookcase. She said they had a bookcase and things were often askew and she wondered why. It gave her so much peace to know they were there with her and still a part of her life, enjoying their life in the spirit realm.

This has been the case with hundreds of clients contacting their lost pets. Quite often I see the pet in the same way as I see family members who have crossed over. They are on the other side in the care of our loved ones.

Client Testimonials

BuddyI had never once considered that we can have unresolved Karma with our pets, and they can have unresolved Karma with each other. It had never crossed my mind that they can absorb and take on negative energies – for me – and that it can affect their behavior.

I had heard you on Coast to Coast AM just a couple of days prior to my decision to euthanize my rescued pit/lab mix, Teddy, because he and my other male, Buddy, had begun fighting behavior. I was overwhelmed and feeling unsafe in my own home. As a last ditch and desperate move, I purchased an emergency reading, never expecting (yet hoping and praying), that you would call me 20 minutes later – just three hours before our appointment at the vet.

It completely resonated to know that Teddy and I had spent several past lives together, with him as my ever loyal and faithful dog. After a karmic clearing, as well as a healing of negative energies attached to the dogs, I felt a qualitative change. And after processing the incredible story of our past lives – everything I had felt about Teddy and the absolute compulsion to save him and adopt him, was validated.

So, five days since the reading and healing—the dogs’ behavior has changed. My energy and the way I interact with them have changed. I have observed no posturing or growling between the dogs. In fact, Buddy just wags or plays when I walk Teddy around the perimeter of the fence. Wow. To think I almost had Teddy put down. Also, I have seen no spinning/growly behavior in Teddy since the healing. This had become a daily occurrence in response to kitchen noises and the click of my bedroom lamp. Each day that has gone by, Teddy has seemed to come down another notch, Buddy more obedient, and me, more relaxed and confident.

I can never express in words my gratitude for the gift that you have given these dogs and me. You have opened up to us a whole new realm—and you have saved us. I look forward to working with you more—with all of my pets and me.

Much love and gratitude,



There is not enough I can say about the help that Sonja was able to provide to me and my animals.  If you have animals, then you know that to see them suffering is unbearable and it is even harder to not be able to ask your animal, ‘What’s wrong”?  I have a very good veterinarian who I always call as well, but I have been around the block a few times at the vet and I know how that goes.  There is only so much that they can offer before paying hundreds and thousands on medications and surgeries.  Here is how my animals have benefited from the work of Sonja Grace:

Kingy Boy:

kingy boyI first came to Sonja Grace for help with my animals when my male cat, Kingy Boy began to display some concerning behaviors.  He was a young, healthy 3yr old cat and would be walking along when his back legs would collapse and fall out underneath him from time to time.  As soon as I noticed this I became very alarmed and called the vet for an appointment right away.  She examined him, gave him a shot and also gave me an antibiotic to give to him.  After that I asked Sonja to take a look at him and she was able to find an entity on his field, which she cleared from him.  She also examined his body and noticed the inflammation in his hips.  She was able to pin point the hip and area that was infected and she was able to remove some scar tissue in the area.  She mentioned that the guides had advised to keep giving him the antibiotic and he would heal up fine.  I was amazed at how fast he turned around and regained the spring in his step in no time.


sheegwaMy cat, Sheegwa came home one day holding her left eye closed, but otherwise acting normal.  I looked at her and wondered what was wrong, and she would not let me touch it at all.  I called the vet and obtained the stuff that she recommended and proceeded to spray it in Sheegwa’s eye.  This went on for many weeks and while her eye opened up more, she would not let me touch it and she did not open it all the way.  When I called Sonja about it she could see that there was a tiny splinter or little twig that was deeply stuck in her eye and the tissue was starting to grow around it.  Sonja was able to pull out the object and bring relief to Sheegwa.  When Sheegwa came home you could tell that her eye had been crying, but it was open all the way and finally clear and I can touch her eye without it bothering her.  This was truly amazing!  Now Sheegwa is back to work and doing great:

Honey Girl:

honey girlWe recently obtained an adult female dog and know little about her background, but she is a very good dog and you can tell right away that there is something wrong with her back legs and hips.  I started taking her on walks every day and would notice that she would get very tired by the end and does not like to go back up the stairs when we get home.  Her back legs would shake and she seemed sore when she was pet on the butt.  Sonja was able to meet with Honey while here in Hawaii and was able to find out that she had been hit on the back many times and that had caused her back hips and legs much pain and trouble.  When Sonja touched the dogs back you could see Honey react, she touched her nose to her hip and looked up at me as if to say, ‘I felt that’!  I could see how excited that Honey was getting as Sonja worked on her.  Sonja honey girlinformed me that when she works on animals in person it can be an extremely intense experience for them and I could see that it was for Honey Girl.  The next day when it was time to go for a walk Honey was excited.  She just couldn’t wait to try her legs out.  She did a lap around the driveway and was ready to go with her tail wagging.  I was so impressed!  I could not stop staring at Honey’s back and back legs.  She used to look so weak there, with her butt crouched and back legs shakey.  Now she it seems as if her whole back is standing straighter and taller, she is much perkier and has a spring in her step.   It is obvious to us that Sonja has given our Honey Girl so much relief and deep healing, and we are so grateful.

Kingy Boy, Again:

kingy boyThis was an emergency event.  All of the sudden our boy cat, Kingy came in the house howling and crying.  He was displaying a frightful behavior, falling off of his feet and rolling over turning his head upside down.  His stomach was moving in and out, and he was panting and moaning.  We dropped everything and immediately ran to his attention.  I was immediately frightened and horrified.  It was a Saturday and we live in the country, I knew that it would be a challenge for us to get to the vet.  I called my country vet, and she was on the other side of the island over an hour away.  She directed me to the nearest place to us which is about 40 minutes away.  I called Sonja right away and she also dropped everything and was totally available during this weekend emergency.  I told her what was happening and she went straight to work on my cat, she asked him what was happening to him and he was able to direct her to a pain of fire in his stomach leading us to continue on our way to the nearest vet.  We had to scramble to get in the car in such a rush and in doing so Neil got a very nasty scratch from our aching cat.  Kingy Boy had swiped Neil right in the eye with his claw and he got him really good, square in the pupil.  Now we had a real mess, but we were all in the car.  We were on the phone again with Sonja since we had such a long drive to the vet, she kept working on Kingy Boy and even though we were flustered and we were driving in a car, we could tell that Kingy Boy was being soothed, he had calmed down and was not crying anymore.  I handed the phone to Neil and she worked on his eye, he was in a good amount of pain and could not see clearly out of that eye.  It was all red and we wondered if we needed to take him to the ER as well.  Once we got to the vet, Kingy Boy was doing a lot better, but still not able to maintain his balance.  We did what you are supposed to do at the vet, we paid for the test that came out with nothing out of the normal and then they gave him antibiotics and sent us home, saying that if that doesn’t work then it is time for CT scans and operations that are into the thousands of dollars.  Kingy Boy was doing much better but his head was leaning to the left and he was very off balance.  Sonja did more work on him and was able to remove blockages out of his ears easing his inner ear problem causing his balance to be off.  She noted that he seemed to be having two issues, a stomach issue and an inner ear issue.  She coated his stomach, did work on his gut and continued to clear out his ears.   It was truly remarkable how he turned around; he had a good couple of days getting his balance back and resting up, but under a week to be up and at-um again.  She also did some follow up work on Neil’s eye the next day as well.  It is extremely amazing how Neil’s eye healed so fast and without any other influences.  It was only two days and he had stopped complaining about his eye and was out surfing again on the third day.  Not only was his eye completely healed, he said that now his eye can see better than it could before.  He said that in fact the whole area of his head around that eye feels so much clearer and better.  After this day I will never forget how Sonja Grace was there for us, and I now know that this is The person to call in an emergency or any time of need.

“One Eye”:

one eye‘One Eye’ was our beta fish.  He was a very interactive fish and as he sat right on the counter he was such a part of our everyday life.  He got his name, because this fish came with only one eye.  We were shopping for a beta fish in the pet store when we notice this little red one with beautiful fins.  He was put to the side because he only has one eye, we were told.  Neil asked how long he had been sitting there.  When the guy replied, ‘three months’, Neil said let’s get him out of here.  One Eye was ours for almost two years.  He was a very lazy fish and would spend a lot of time laying on the bottom of his tank or floating on the top, playing dead.  But, he would always wake up and swim right to you if you would gently blow on the water in his tank.  We thought he was dead so many times that he got used to us touching him to see if he was still alive.   One day I noticed his fins were not looking good.  I asked Sonja to please take a look at my one eyed fish and she said that he had bacteria on his fins and did not want to move much.  She let us know that the guides were suggesting putting kelp in the tank.  This really did help.  Sonja was able to visit with One Eye in person near his end and the day that she came over he was so pale looking.  Sonja came to his tank.  The next day One Eye looked great, he was so red and beautiful looking.  He was moreone eye active and we just knew that Sonja helped him.  We knew that One Eye would not live forever, and we did not want him to go on if it meant suffering.  But, we truly believe that One Eye was able to live longer and his pain was eased by the work of Sonja Grace.  A few weeks later, I received a text from Sonja, she said she was thinking of One Eye today.  It was actually the day that One Eye passed away.  We were sad, but it just shows you how connected that Sonja truly is.  We were comforted to know that One Eye was not suffering, he is in a better place and Sonja let us know that he now has two eyes!

Rest in peace our beloved ‘One Eye’.