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Award winning author, Sonja Grace is an internationally known mystic and healer who offers immediate stability, clarity and guidance to clients around the world. For over thirty years she has helped people who suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sonja has a wide variety of talent to choose from in which she accesses her ability to channel and communicate with the Divine. She sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world. Her ability to read and clear the karmic threads to past lives helps clients heal lifetimes of patterns.

She is an energy surgeon who defies time and space with her ability to spirit-travel to work with her clients wherever they are in the world; she performs all levels of healing, including restructuring tissue and repairing organs, bones, blood, and cells. She is able to execute all levels of her work from a distance and over the phone.

Sonja’s ancestral background is a fascinating blend of Native American Choctaw and Cherokee descent and Norwegian. She is adopted on the Hopi Reservation, where she is considered a medicine woman.

Sonja is the author of six books, her most recent Odin and the Nine Realms Oracle is published by Findhorn Press/ Inner Traditions. She is featured on GAIA TV’s Great Minds, Inspirations and Ancient Civilizations as well as Beyond Belief with George Noory and Coast to Coast AM. She currently lives in Arizona.

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"Hi Sonja,

It was great speaking with you the other day. I downloaded your grounding meditation and have been working with it since. I want to share with you what I’ve learned so far. I am beyond words in how I feel and will try my best to describe it.

First of all, I completely believe you that our first and foremost priority in this lifetime is our relationship with this planet. Your grounding meditation revealed to me how important and beneficial it was to our experience as humans to connect with the planet like that. Grounding felt stable, peaceful and nonjudgmental. After the fourth time, I was able to see her. Our planet, living in the moment as her present self, past and future all at once. She showed me how it’s the perceived imperfections that create life. What we may see as ugly is the womb. This energy transforms and rebalances itself as a cyclic way of sharing between ourselves and her. I felt one with her and most of all at home. I finally felt like I was at home.

I cried when I felt this powerful connection. I still tear up when I express it because it’s so beautiful and cathartic. I could feel myself within cry out in joy saying, “I’m home! I’m here! I’m alive and it’s okay because I’m here right now! That’s all that matters. I’m home, I’m home, I’m right where I belong...” The word “mother” has such a deeper and expansive meaning for me now. It’s more than just a person or an idea. It’s a connection and a relationship from that connection. I see myself not just a daisy among daisies anymore but as part of the prairie, the sky and the earth. It’s like living as a song.

I will continue to practice your grounding meditations. I have downloaded all three of them, but I want to take whatever time I need to work on each. I don’t want rush and feel no need to too. I’m so happy to have found this remarkable connection. To be able to express myself in sincere belief and joy that I am human and I’m thankful for the life I have on this planet.

Thank you, Sonja for your time, patience, and willingness to share with me your work. I’m so happy to have finally found, (what’s been in front of me this entire time!) Earth to take root in.

Sending you big hugs from afar, Christina"